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Bonnie Puntasecca has been helping friends and family for years; organizing anything and everything as well as assisting with various projects on an "as needed" basis.  In 2008, after much support and encouragement from those same friends and family, she decided to make it official and started The Project Buddies.  

The rest of The Project Buddies team is made up of friends and family, old and new, who share a love of organizing and want to do what they love while helping others.

"The Project Buddies is an excellent team to work with!  Bonnie and Tracy helped me tackle my basement which was piled high with storage boxes and left overs from when the kids lived at home.  It took a couple weekends to sort through everything and get it organized, but WE did it and I couldn't imagine trying to take on the project by myself.  Thanks to The Project Buddies, they gave me the motivation and the extra hands needed to get my project accomplished!"
- Judie P. (Hackensack, NJ)

"Since The Project Buddies helped me organize my kid's playroom, it makes it so much easier for the kids to clean up after themselves - now that everything has a specific place!"
- Maria R. (Hackensack, NJ)

"I hired The Project Buddies to help my company organize and sort through 30 years worth of records.  It was an extra project that my already overworked staff couldn't handle.  Donna and Bonnie did a phenomenal job organizing the files and they did it in half the time I thought it would take them.  It not only saved my company money, and time, but also our resources-our employees, from being tied up in this unexpected project."
- Susanna S. (RiverVale, NJ)

"I can't believe how much time I used to lose looking for things in my home office.  Not anymore though!  I decided to call The Project Buddies after I couldn't locate important papers, I figured if I couldn't find them maybe they could, and they did!  They managed to organize all of my papers and important files in no time!  Not to mention I am so much happier because I know exactly where I can find something when I need it.  Thank you to The Project Buddies!"
- Sheila D. (Bergenfield)

What We Offer

Our Mission: 
The Project Buddies was created to provide our clients (anyone) with assistance and motivation to get organized and accomplish projects (or anything), in both the home and business environment (or anywhere) - anytime.  

Let us help conquer your project big or small!

We offer free initial consultations!

- Who has projects they want to accomplish.
- Who needs an extra person or pair of hands to finish a job.
- Who wants someone to help motivate them to work on a project.

- Sorting & filing photos 
- Wrapping holiday presents
- Organizing the garage or closet
- Filing
- Mailings 
- Presentation Preparation
- Event/party assistance
- Space planning
- we are great motivators too!

Including but not limited to:
- At home...
- In the garage
- Your kid's playroom
- At work...
- In your office
- The file storage room

- We are just a phone call away.
- We can help you today, tomorrow or whenever you need us!

Did you know that the average person spends
over 2 hours a day looking for things?